You, now and tomorrow.


Here’s an excerpt from a post of Humans of New York on Facebook that I’d like to expound on.

People always say “be true to yourself”. But that’s misleading because there are two selves. There’s your short term self and there’s your long term self.
And if you’ll only be true to your short term self, your long term self slowly decays.

I have a friend who early in my career as a Financial Planner made it clear that saving, investing more so, is a very restricting path to take. It doesn’t make one seize the moment.

Which I respected, albeit painstakingly.

10 months later that friend became my client. Not to my invitation, but through her own will to get her finances in order.

She traveled somewhere, both for work and pleasure, and came home with a beautiful tan and a message I didn’t expect to receive. Especially from someone who’s from quiet an enviable vacation.

She said:

“Tin, let’s meet. I want to talk to you about how I can save and invest.”

Apparently, her recent escapade made her think of what lies ahead after all the wanderlusting. She knows the travels enrich her personally and spiritually, but the practical side of life poked her somewhat.

When we met, I told her that traveling is good. I, myself, look forward to it every time.  Even domestic flights excite me. Honestly, the very thought of a plane ride thrills me like a litte girl this time of year, dreaming of what Santa has to put in her Christmas sock. I mean, rewarding yourself after a month or year of hardwork is a must, however way you wanna do it.

But as I always say,

Planning is a very exciting part in making a dream come true.
Living the dream is even more exciting and sweet.
Enabling yourself to live more dreams tops it all.

How do we make more dreams happen?
We can’t seriously root for a fairy godmother or a genie to rescue our wandering minds, right?
We have to do what it takes.
We have got to prepare.
After all, faith without action is lame.
That’s biblical, fyi.

It’s a hard disposition to,dare I say, impose, but I hope we all get to a certain level of resistance on the things that we don’t really need, where we can give our ID (pleasure personality) the turndown it badly needs often times. Savor the feeling of being able to say “I can but I won’t”.

I’m not perfect in this, mind you.
As I write, I am also going through some major financial decisions I made in the past where the most I can do now is scratch my head and tell myself with conviction that I can get through this. I can. I will. I must.
You know the drill.
But I share this nevertheless for everyone to know that it’s not easy to not give in. Nobody likes discipline. But everyone loves the result of it.
And so we have to do it, not for others to like us eventually but for our own good, our own sanity, and to the many other things that will better our lives and the lives of everyone else we care about.

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