2015! Write it down.


Hi everyone,

I’m putting my already-done-but-yet-to-be-claimed Starbucks 2015 Planner for grabs. 🙂
And because I haven’t claimed it yet, that means you get to put your preferred name on it.

It’s a labor of love getting all 18 stickers needed, simply because I don’t drink coffee.
It so happened that for most of this year’s last quarter, work has mostly been accomplished (and not) one Starbucks table at a time. Hence…


Photo from Starbucks.com.ph

One would need 9 stickers of Starbucks Featured Christmas Beverages and another 9 stickers of Starbucks Core Beverages to complete the 18-sticker collection.
Bottled drinks- water and fruit juice- are excluded.
On the average, the planner would amount to a conservative estimate of around P2,700.00.

If you’re just about to collect the stickers, half-way done or looking for a faster and more economic way of getting the said planner, “my planner” is for you.

Bid starts at P689.00.

I wish the lucky taker a memorable, productive and meaningful 2015. May you have more plans and goals to write and accomplish.

Merry Christmas! ♥

Email: tin2ecc@gmail.com, twitter UID: Tintacols or reply to this blog.

E-mail me at Tin.Biz.Fa@Gmail.com


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