You don’t need rocket science to invest.


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Almost 4 years ago, when I went to the office of COL Financial (then Citisec Online) to open a direct account in the stock market, the risks and what-ifs that I usually hear from people didn’t take much space in my list of concerns because I was really sold into the idea of saving is not investing, and one need not be a rocket scientist to be an investor.

To a 22 year old yuppie, that was very encouraging.

And it took a me while to understand why it seems so hard for people, especially those my age, to think and do the same.

I realized albeit a little late that we all don’t get exposed to the right medium, not educated fair enough with the basics by people with pure intentions, and our culture, in all fairness, veers from taking risks, embracing volatility and keeps a safe distance from the uncertain.
There’s no bachelor’s degree for being an excellent salesman.
For a number of reasons that we can blame this apparent ignorance towards financial literacy, we can agree to disagree that the lack of courage plays a big role.

When I bought my first ever “shares” I congratulated myself and ate Chips Ahoy. Of course.
It’s not too big an amount (I went for the minimum. hahaha) but the feeling was very elating.
When I told some of my friends about this venture most of them were very skeptical and the discouragment were along the following lines:

It’s dangerous.
It’s very risky.
You’ll lose your money.

Good thing I have read about those common misconceptions beforehand and  hearing them in person was more of “oh, yeah?” than “OMG! I’m dead!” for me.

Due diligence.

Read, ask and read some more.

I was too big a fan of the stock market that for a little while I thought that it is the only way to go. That it is the only venue where I can maximize my savings’ potential and by extent help me achieve my dreams.
Any other option heard of or I’m  presented with didn’t entice me.

However, while one investment instrument maybe a whole lot better than the other, know that there’s more to investing than going for which is “better” and safer.
It’s like self-employment does others good but not the same can be said about the rest who aspire to be one.

There is knowing your risk appetite and the importance of meeting your timeline to consider.

Regardless of what works for you, I am encouraging you, especially all the young working professionals here and abroad, to not let the opportunity pass. Time is the top most ingredient in all these. And we have it. It’s on our side. That alone deserves a Chips Ahoy feast.

Meanwhile, to those who plan to join or are already investing in the PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange), here’s an article by financial blogger Fitz Villafuerte of Ready To Be Rich on what to expect this 2015.

For full text, click here.

For inquiries on how to get started, you may reply here or message the e-mail address below.

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