The arrow: in memory of.


This may look ordinary,


but it took us almost 5 hours – high heels and hunger games- to get this arrow of success right.

As a newbie back then, all I could do was follow and wait (and complain in silence why we have to go through such ordeal para lang sa arrow).
But even with everyone’s apparent look of exhaustion, not one would retreat and give up. Not even the veterans.  Those whose years of service in the company are half or more than my age.


Our Branch Manager was at the venue as early as 6am. I got there past 10.  (Don’t ask why)
But not for a second did she show or make us feel that we are getting nowhere with this chase for the right angle of the arrow even if it’s taking us forever.
I thought her favorite drink is Sting.
If you’re looking for a real life Superwoman,  that’s her.
First to arrive, last to leave.
Reklamo ka pa? Haha

Led by a great and an exemplary example, it is no wonder why this branch has repeatedly beat records year after year.

Unbeknown to me when I joined in, No.1 branch of the No. 1 Life Insurance company pala ang napasukan ko.
Hindi ‘yan showbiz, friends.
I’m speaking of the truth and nothing but the troots. 😛

What brought me to this reminscing?

Next week we’re doing another pictorial for the 2015 issue of Shine! as Sunlife Philippines’ No. 1 branch in 2014.

Indeed,  life is brighter under the sun.

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